Welcome to the Kilmessan and Dunsany parish website. During this challenging time of Covid-19 many are being creative using modern means of communication. Fortunately we too can avail of the internet as such a means for the parish. It is an experiment and hopefully it will prove useful. If anyone has something to comment about please do so. Obviously, we have to be selective and discreet in what gets posted.

You may already have seen our recent bulletins, printed since the ‘lockdown’. I hope to make them available here. If you have relevant news please send it in using any of the contact details here. 

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update:

Public Masses will re-commence on Monday, June 29th. From then on Masses will be at the usual times: Dunsany 6pm Saturday, Sunday 9.30am; Kilmessan 11am Sundays

Weekdays: Kilmessan Monday and Thursday 9.30am, Tuesday and Friday 8pm.

Dunsany Wednesday 9.30am

However, to help us find an orderly return to church, there will be an evening Mass in Kilmessan on Saturday, July 4th at 7.30pm

Obligation to attend Sunday /Holyday Mass: This obligation has been suspended for now, so people are free to choose to attend a week day Mass instead.

Seats will be wiped down after each weekend Mass. Volunteers are welcome to join any monthly cleaning group. The Parish number is 046 9025172. Alternatively, for Dunsany you can contact Anne Nugent 046 9026286, Renee Sullivan or Mary Harrahill; for Kilmessan contact Jo Farrell.

Care and Discipline– It is important to use sanitising gel on entering and on leaving the church and to keep a distance of 2 metres apart. If you have symptoms of Covid-19 or think you might have been infected, please do not come to church. This would be an act of love for your fellow parishioners.

Funds– We had no parish collections for the past three months, so we are asking that all parishioners give generously to the collections. Arrangements are being made to facilitate contributing directly to the parish through Bank of Ireland. Collection boxes will be placed inside the doors as we are not passing baskets around the pews.

Ministers of the Eucharist will wear face covering and sanitise their hands before and after distributing Holy Communion. Communion to be received only on the hand.

Masses may now be booked for the weeks ahead.

As we return to church I ask for your co-operation. Initially, it may be confusing and difficult to find a free seat, but very soon a pattern will be established and with a little guidance and goodwill all will be fine. Both churches have outdoor speakers, so if there are not enough ‘spaced’ seats for everyone, it will still be possible to hear Mass outside.

Thanks …. Many people have extended themselves in helping out in so many ways. Again I thank all who have willingly delivered shopping and messages of various kinds. Thanks to Lisa, Enda and the team who put the videos together. They were our link when there was little to celebrate. Those talented, of various age groups, lifted our hearts every week with prayer and music. Through them we discovered another possibility in the realm of liturgy. Perhaps we are embracing a new way of celebrating our care for one another with a spiritual dimension. Take care and keep safe.