Newsletter 10th May 2020

Kilmessan/Dunsany Parish 

May 10th     2020                                      Tel: 046-9025172                                    5th  Sunday of Easter

Open Churches- We have kept the two churches closed during the first phases of shutdown. But we hope to leave them open soon for a few days in the week so that people can visit for private prayer and reflection. It seems that it will be the end of July before there will be a further opening of places of worship. We will need a good team of people to keep them clean by ensuring that seats are wiped down etc. Adjustments are required as we learn to live in this ‘new normal’.


Sacraments of Baptism and Marriage– It is hoped that after July 20th (Phase 4) we can have ‘small baptisms’ and ‘small weddings’. Even in Phase 5 large gatherings will not be allowed. At the moment there are no weddings.

After June 8th gatherings for funerals will still be limited, but slightly extended (to be announced).


Confirmation and First Communion– It is very difficult for the Bishop to plan Confirmations. Nothing will happen before the end of August or September/October. We will be discussing this with Bishop Tom Deenihan.


Marriages– Many couples have had to postpone their big day. While normally we do not have marriages on Sundays, exceptions are being made for those who have already made arrangements this year. This will continue till the end of August 2021.


Cemetery devotions and Pilgrimages– The pilgrimage to Lourdes, scheduled for September, has been cancelled. Small gatherings in Cemeteries may be allowed after August, depending on public health advice.


Collections- Apparently €4.5 – €5.5 million remains in Trocaire boxes around the country. As funding is urgently needed Trocaire will make some announcements giving advice about the return of boxes at the end of this month.

Other church collections will be taken up later. In the meantime we welcome contributions towards the ordinary envelope collection.


Recent Deaths– Please pray for Caroline Gibney (nee Kelly) R.I.P. Summerhill and James Sheridan, brother of the late Mary Maguire Kilmessan.


Schools etc- This time of shutdown has been challenging and students and teachers have been working ‘outside the box’.  It  has been an intense week for Leaving Cert students as clarity was eventually brought to their situation. We include all concerned in our prayers. We hope that primary pupils have kept up some studies in their R.E. materials. There has been a lot of emphasis on other subjects, while this pandemic has shown us the importance of spiritual wisdom. Many hope that this experience will lead us towards being more sensitive to the needs of those on in the lower income bracket. Indeed it is hoped that world leaders will be more conscious of the need to give greater attention to global inequalities. We need a new paradigm in economics. As the air becomes healthier issues of climate change are still important.


Prayer relating to theme of to-days Gospel: God our Father, your greatest message to humanity was revealed when you sent your Son, Jesus to become human like us.

He is the link between us and you, between heaven and earth, between time and eternity. In these days of Eastertide help us to see in his resurrection the goal to which you are calling all of us.

We make this prayer through the same Jesus, the Christ and risen Lord. Amen