Newsletter 24th May 2020

Kilmessan/Dunsany Parish 

May 24th     2020                                                   Tel: 046-9025172                                       Ascension of the Lord


Recently Deceased – Please pray for Veronica Swan and Rosalie Giles who died recently. Veronica was a resident in St Joseph’s in Trim. As a young woman she trained as a nurse in the U.K. and later worked in Dublin as a children’s nurse. Rosalie Giles also came from a large family and hailed from Navan. She was multi talented as a gifted painter and as a producer of amateur drama in the local hall. Latterly she was a resident in Millbury Nursing Home and participated in different pursuits including bridge until the recent pandemic. Her funeral was held on Saturday in St Mary’s Navan. May they both rest in peace.

Ten weeks and counting– The schools are closed now for over ten weeks. Everyone is making a great effort to keep things running smoothly. It is challenging for parents and teachers to work in these new conditions. Bishop Deenihan has told us to expect restrictions in the months ahead. It is difficult to predict when we will have Confirmations again. Only half were completed, leaving over 30 parishes awaiting the sacrament. You can imagine the difficulties posed if we are to prevent contagion. When churches open again (possibly July) for Masses distancing and hygiene will be a priority. We will need volunteers to keep things right. However in rural parishes like ours this should be possible.

Discipline and Distancing– As we gradually have more movement we must keep up our guard. If we are careful our area should fare well. As we have little through traffic it should be possible to maintain management of the dangers. If someone contracts the virus and follows the protocols it will stop the spread of the illness. We owe it to each other to be careful and responsible. Living in Kilmessan has great benefits as we can take a little exercise and get by without much fuss.

What have you gained? – For many this has been a difficult time both financially and emotionally. Think of the problems of paying a mortgage and struggling to keep the peace in demanding situations. And yet there are fruits too. Families have spent valuable time together learning to adjust to differences and to various needs. I hope that we have come to a greater appreciation of one another. We have more time to talk and make do with what we have. We have managed to survive without having to purchase more ‘things’ and it is amazing how providentially we have enough to tide us over. Some talk of a re-discovery of our landscape and a new awareness of natures gifts. We burn less fuel in our cars and content ourselves with dining in when we might be tempted to go out and spend.

Videos and streaming– Thanks to the folk facilitating our “Prayer Time” on Whats App we have a beautiful time of parish sharing. This has kept us in touch not only locally, but with family and friends at a distance. Technology is serving us well. The jury is out on the long term merits of streaming. As humans we need to come out to pray together and meet. Yet it has been great to see each other at the weekend and share like we do.

A Prayer

Lord Jesus, in this Easter season we celebrate today your Ascension to God’s right hand as the goal of your resurrection from the dead. We thank you that you have not left us orphans, because you remain with us to the end of time.

May we always be glad when we think of the many ways you are with us: in the Eucharist, in your Word, in one another, in your ministers. May we respond to your presence by keeping your commandments, above all, to love one another as you have loved us. Amen