Newsletter 3rd May 2020

Kilmessan/Dunsany Parish 

May 3rd    2020                                      Tel: 046-9025172                                       4th  Sunday of Easter

Good Shepherd Sunday- This is the annual time dedicated to prayer for vocations. The pandemic has highlighted the dedication of people in different walks of life as they fully commit to the service of others. There is no holding back when the needs of others must be met. We hear many stories of medical personnel and others risking their own well-being to bring healing and recovery to the sick. Surely there is a Christian element to this. Can it be said that behind our desire to give for others lies a God given inspiration? Every good deed has to be accepted and appreciated. It is so important to acknowledge all the good things that are happening at the moment. We pray that the power of good will overcome the darkness of covid-19.

8th week after schools shut down- It is so good to have sunshine during these days of lockdown. Many of us are managing to get fresh air and exercise in abundance. I notice that people have time to talk (at a distance) and I believe we are more willing to pause rather than be too concerned about other distractions. I hope you have been able to view our weekly videos. Many people, young and older have contributed music, songs, readings and poetry. I am told that the videos are viewed in far away places.

School Board of Management– We had our first ‘Zoom’ meeting during the week when teachers and board members were able to review some relevant matters. Parents and teachers have adapted well to the new normal. Students too have made a great effort to work in this new context. Nothing can replace the chemistry and dynamics of the classroom, so it is to the credit of all that work is continuing in this way.

5 Phases– So the plan is that there will be a gradual easing of restrictions. Even if it takes longer than the proposed time to return to normal, it is reassuring to have this schedule. Of course the key to a safe return to normal life is to maintain discipline and keep safe. Hopefully, everyone will have the opportunity to rebuild their lives in a fair way. Economic growth might favour some more than others. This will be another test to our Christian egalitarianism.

Masks and Scrubs– Some people in the community are using their skills to produce protective wear. This is a lovely gesture. It is amazing that in this high tech scientific age a sewing machine and the skill to use it is providing a valuable supply of goods, contributing to the preservation of life.

Word of Life (May) “You have already been cleansed by the word I have spoken to you.” (Jn 15:3)

Living the word helps us to step out beyond ourselves to our brothers and sisters….. we can re-live the life of Jesus in our in isolation we can lose the gift of God, losing connection with reality..

                                                          Prayerful Reflection

Lord you have willed to save humankind and have founded the Church as a communion of brothers and sisters united in your love. Continue to walk in our midst and call those whom you have chosen to be the voice of your Holy Spirit.Obtain for us from the heavenly Father the spiritual guides which our communities need: true ministers of the living God. Make your Church grow by means of a flourishing of consecrated persons who will give all things over to you so that you might save all. –John Paul II


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