Newsletter 1st November 2020

Kilmessan/Dunsany Parish 

1st  November 2020                                           All Saints                                           31st  Week Ordinary Time


Greetings to all. So we shall be at level 5 for another month. It is not easy. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by these restrictions. On a positive note, we seem to understand things better now. While we need to be careful and follow the protocols, life has not closed down completely. Schools are managing and essential services are being provided. At parish level we are disappointed with some of the restrictions imposed on churches. However, we must all do what we can to get through this pandemic.


Streaming by Web-Cam– During the last lock-down we managed to put together some videos which were very well received. For the moment we can’t do this, but we are trying to come up with alternatives. The cost of installing a system in the church is quite high and there are also some technical challenges. Of course it is possible to link in with neighbouring churches and with undertakers now facilitating streaming it is some consolation to those unable to attend funerals.


November Prayer for Our Loved Ones– We are encouraged to pray for our deceased relatives and friends in a particular way at the beginning of this month. All Souls Day is special time for Mass for those who have passed away. Traditionally, the Church offers a special indulgence for the deceased when we visit a cemetery or church, go to Mass and Confession, pray for the dead and for the Pope’s intentions.

This year the Holy Father has declared that indulgences can be granted throughout the month, even if we join in prayer from our homes because of the difficulty of going out. I plan to say a rosary in each cemetery as frequently as possible during the month. Also private Mass will be offered on All Souls Day (Monday) and on the Fridays of November for those on the Parish List of the Dead. It is possible to leave in the envelopes either at the presbytery or in the box in the porch in Kilmessan church.


Proposed new Secondary School for Dunshaughlin- If you would like a new Secondary School with a Catholic ethos please vote for Ceist to be the patron of this school. Parents will know that Catholic Primary schools are open and inclusive. Catholic schools have always been popular as is seen by the desire of parents to send their children to such schools in the surrounding areas. For further information please check or  If you believe in giving your child a Christian vision of life as well as a good education this is an opportunity to vote for such a school. The Department of Education will fund the school no matter who the patron is.


                                                                 Hymn before prayer..

          Remember those, O Lord,                                                      Sweet is their pain, yet deep

Who in your peace have died,                                                Till perfect love is born;

Yet may not gain love’s high reward                                     Their lone night-watch they gladly keep

Till love is purified.                                                                    Before your radiant morn!


With you they faced death’s night                                         For them we humbly pray:

Sealed with your victory sign;                                                 Perfect them in your love!

Soon may the splendour of your light                                   O may we share eternal day

On them for ever shine!                                                           With them in heaven above!