Liturgy for Trinity Sunday

This week’s liturgy is for Trinity Sunday and is led by Fr. Toner.

It was filmed by individual parishioners in isolation all over the parish.

This week we welcome the contributions of the young people of the parish.

We pray for their spiritual and emotional well-being.

After the Liturgy, there is a special feature on Meath Jigsaw, which support’s Young People’s Mental Health across the county. In this section, we will also launch the 5-A-Day Challenge for Jigsaw.

We also have a special recording of the song ‘Fix You’, sung by Treble Trouble Children’s choir. Please note that there is a technical problem on this track, which means the sound for this song is distorted when played from mobile phones, but the sound is fine when played on Bluetooth speaker or on a PC. Apologies for that!